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Everything starts with communication.
Your admissions system is no different.
The challenge with most 'legacy' admissions systems is that they claim to have APIs, but deliver what are really "End Points" or very rigid APIs that only allow for a limited number of tasks to be completed.
Ticketure has a modern API-first architecture which can then be leveraged to provide amazing visitor service solutions.
The Ticketure experience is based 100% on our RESTful APIs. By leveraging these APIs ourselves, we can ensure that extending and consuming those APIs is as easy and efficient as possible.
Ticketing is not just about selling from the Box Office anymore. With Ticketure, you can provide full Box Office capabilities from a small iPod Touch, or sell tickets from your website, a partners website, OTA, and soon IoT devices like the Amazon Echo. 
Ticketure is built on the extremely fast and reliable AWS platform allowing you to focus on your business, while we focus on the servers. This cloud based infrastructure allows us to deploy Ticketure without the dreaded upfront cost, and add new features quickly with no impact to your IT team.