Solution Providers for years have been charging fees to organizations, whether or not they actually delivered on the 'solution'. With Ticketure, our pricing is directly tied to the overall success of your organization. This true partnership ensures that we share a vested interest in your success. 


  • Our model is simple. You only pay a fee based on the sale of a ticket.

  • No initial set up fees!  We will deploy, train your staff and implement your Ticketure system for FREE.

  • All-In model where we handle all costs/fees associated with credit card processing.

  • No annual service fee on top of other fees.

  • No development charges, we will always listen to your feature requests and consider them in our feature roadmap.  

Ticketure has a shared interest in always ensuring you are maximizing your tickets sold and providing amazing experiences to your visitors. By allowing you to avoid high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees, implementing an improved visitor experience is easier than ever. 

Ticketure offers a transparent all-in-one partnership model, where pricing is inclusive of software and services required to get you up and delivering great patron experiences. Our fees are based on your overall sales, which helps to ensure both of us are focused on helping you deliver amazing experiences and getting as many people through your doors.

With Ticketure, you are in charge of any fees that your visitors see. We do not add additional fees for online orders or fixed 'per ticket fees'. Any fees that you decide to add to the purchase price of your tickets are yours to keep!
Our network of partnerships and processing power allows us to negotiate some of the best rates with credit card processors. These rates are then passed directly onto you and are included in our fee structure. 

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